Food and culture are central to the Italian-American experience. For generations, Italian-American families have come together around the dinner table where parents and grandparents have passed on their traditions and values. Gaps between generations have been bridged by home-cooked meals.

Holding these traditions dear, the mission of the Mary Ann Esposito Foundation is to preserve authentic Italian and Italian-American experiences by providing educational information and digital demonstrations for students who want to become the next generation of great Italian chefs.

The Esposito family is contributing significant resources to this project’s success but is also actively seeking contributions to create the necessary resources that will build and maintain a Ciao Italia Italian Heritage and Education Resource Center.

The Center will be maintained by a major American university and will be open to any student wishing to research Italian gastronomy. The Center will house the entire catalogue of Ciao Italia resources in formats that are accessible for generations of students to come. If at any point creating a resource center at an American university becomes impractical or no longer feasible, any foundation funds will be used more broadly to support public charities that provide educational information and resources for students who want to study Italian gastronomy. 

To keep administrative costs at a minimum, the Mary Ann Esposito Foundation will operate as a donor-advised fund at Greater Horizons, a national 501-(c)(3) organization. Greater Horizons ensures fiduciary excellence and legal compliance. Greater Horizons also provides donors with the maximum tax deduction allowable by law. Gifts of cash, stock, real estate, and hard-to-value assets are handled by Greater Horizons’s expert staff. The donor-advised fund will be directly advised and overseen by Mary Ann and Guy Esposito. All donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Greater Horizons will mail a written acknowledgment for any contribution of $250 or more.

Checks for the Foundation should be addressed to:

Mary Ann Esposito Foundation
c/o Greater Horizons
1055 Broadway
Suite 130
Kansas City, MO 64105

Credit card donations may be made using the form below:

Check presentation to the Mary Ann Esposito Foundation by the Hampton Falls NH Historical Society
Check presentation to the Mary Ann Esposito Foundation by the Hampton Falls NH Historical Society