Everything you need to know about the new CiaoItalia.com

We’re very pleased to welcome you to the new ciaoitalia.com!

As we approach the show’s twenty year anniversary, we felt it was time to give our site a new look and we could not be more pleased with the results.

As the online home for television’s longest-running cooking show, this site will provide you with all of the same authenticity and traditional approach to Italian cuisine you get from the show.  Only now you can take Mary Ann in the kitchen with you.

One of the things we’re most excited about is the addition of video recipes to the site.  Have you ever been in the middle of preparing a recipe when it occurs to you that you’re not quite sure what an instruction means, what an ingredient looks like, or what part of the recipe to start with?

Now, on CiaoItalia.com, you can watch Mary Ann prepare the recipe before you even take out a measuring cup.  And the best part is, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 6:00 pm on a Monday in New York or 10:00 pm on a Saturday in Los Angeles, she’s always available online!

We’ve already put over 200 recipes up on the site and we’re adding more every day.  We have hundreds more to add so you’ll always find something new.

To get access to all of the video recipes you have to become a Premium Content subscriber.  If you want to check out the video recipe feature before you sign up for a Premium Content membership, take a look at this recipe for Pan Cooked Chicken Breasts.

You may have noticed the new look and layout for CiaoItalia.com.

Our intent was to give the site a warmer feel that brought to mind all of the flavors and aromas of a traditional Italian kitchen.

We also moved some things around to make them easier to locate.  We hope the new layout is more intuitive and easier to navigate.

As always, if you have any comments or observations you wish to share, please feel free to e-mail us atinfo@ciaoitalia.com.

There are several ways you can enjoy CiaoItalia.com now.  Here’s how they work:

Premium Content Subscription
(Click to Upgrade to Premium)
$5.99 per month*

As a Premium Content subscriber you receive:
–  All of the same benefits as a Standard Content subscriber, PLUS . . .
–  Access to all video recipes.  Any time.  Any day.  Any place.
–  Access to exclusive Kitchen, Wine, Travel, and Garden tips
–  Early notification of Ciao Italia events featuring Mary Ann
–  Discounted access to ticketed events with Mary Ann
–  Chances to win gift baskets, wines, pasta, and more
–  And, of course, you’ll help keep Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito on the air and commercial-free

Standard Content Subscription
(Click to Sign Up for Standard Content)


As a Standard Content Subscriber you receive:
–  All of the same benefits as an Unsubscribed Visitor, PLUS . . .
–  Access to your own customized, personalized “My Recipe Box” where you can store Ciao Italia recipes for future reference when you visit next time
–  A free subscription to Ciao Italia Posta, the online newsletter of Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito

Unsubscribed Visitor

As an Unsubscribed Visitor you receive:

–  Access to 1000s of free recipes on CiaoItalia.com
–  Access to articles about gardening, wine, and travel
–  Limited access to video content

We hope you enjoy this new version of our website as much as we’ve enjoyed building it for you.  Please drop by any time and let us know what you’re cooking!

*  During the re-launch of CiaoItalia.com, a Premium Content subscription to the site is just $5.99.  Later the price will increase, so take advantage now.


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