Italy's Newest Knight

By order of the President of Italy, Consul General Giuseppe Pastorelli confers Italy’s prestigious Ordine della Stella d’Italia (Order of the Star of Italy) upon Mary Ann Esposito for 25 years of Ciao Italia programs devoted to “the preservation and promotion of national prestige abroad, promoting friendly relations and cooperation with other countries and ties with Italy.”

Italy salutes her, public television salutes her, and so does her happy Ciao Italia team!

Grazie Mille, Cavaliere (Knight) Marianna!

Mary Ann being knighted by Italian Consul General Mary Ann being knighted by Italian Consul General Giuseppe PastorelliThe medallion Mary Ann received upon enter Ordine della Stella d'ItaliaMary Ann and friends after being knighted by Italian Consul General Giuseppe Pastorelli


Harry Abbate

I think that you the Best Cooks Around, I LOVE your Show. I try a lot of your Recipes Friends and Family Love them. Keep up with the show I learn so much from you, I put you down as a close Friend on my Face Book Page. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Family.

Your Friend
Harry Abbate

Angela Quatela Kadnar

I enjoy reading all the lovely Italian info regarding my heritage that you provide.

Robin Springer

Congratulations, Mary Ann!! You look so happy & pretty there; yes for YOU!

Margaret Mariotti

Congratulations! My Mom, sister and I enjoy your show. My grandparents were from Italy. My mother’s side is from southern Italy and my father’s side is from northern Italy. I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother. I helped her make pasta and cookies. I miss those days. When I watch you make come of those dishes, it brings back memories of watching my grandmother. Keep up the great work you do in keeping our wonderful heritage alive.

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