Mary Ann Will Show How To Create Holiday Treats

Famed chef and cookbook author Mary Ann Esposito will take on a new role when she visits the Currier Museum of Art on Saturday, Nov. 6.

She will be the Sugar Plum Fairy, giving guests ideas for holiday gifts with the wave of her rubber spatula wand.

Esposito, host of the PBS series Ciao Bella, will lead holiday dessert demonstrations during her Artful Dolci presentation at the museum, sponsored by NH Home magazine.

“Christmas and the holidays are about giving and sharing,” Esposito said. “I have always done cookies, so I thought, well, why don’t I do cookies and expand on that and demonstrate Italian desserts, because who doesn’t like treats?”

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In the episode of “venti dollari per la cena”..It’s not the first time that Mary Ann Esposito does a mistake about cooking pasta. She said “Pasta is al dente when you taste and you realize that there is no more uncooked stuff”. Totally WRONG.As an Italian and food critic I said that pasta is real al dente when there is a thin tissue or layer inside that is going to be finishing his “un-cooking”. The yours is misinformation toward healthy style of food: the risk from the Esposito’s direction is that Pasta will be much cooked.

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