What's Mary Ann Cooking For Her New Season?

Ciao Italia in Sicily” serves up a brand new season of authentic, regional Italian recipes to public television audiences nationwide starting May 2008. Here’s the lineup for the 26 half-hour program series (Bring your appetite!):

Garlic for Health 
– Aglio per la Salute
A world without garlic?  Impossible to imagine, especially for Mary Ann after she harvests a bumper crop of garlic from Guy’s garden and headsnella cucina to make a hearty Garlic Potato Soup, Roasted Garlic, some warm and crunchy Garlic Bread and finally a Saturday night treat: Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil. You can’t ever have enough garlic.

Fantastic Green
 Beans – Fagiolini Fantastici
Mary Ann’s got beans on her brain, green beans that is, from Guy’s garden, and she has more recipes than you can shake a bean at, starting with some zesty Green Beans with Walnut Pesto, Marinated Green Beans, a comforting Leek and Almond Casserole, and finally, crunchy Roasted Green Beans with Sesame Seeds. 

Crab Cakes – Tortine al Granchio
Mary Ann’s running late because she wants to find the best quality crab meat for two of her favorite recipes featuring this most succulent of shellfish. She begins the fun Baked Crab Cakes snugly wrapped with zucchini strips then popped into the oven. Then she whips up some delicious Little Crab Cakes with  extra crunch, thanks to Panko crumbs. Both recipes are simple to prepare and simply wonderful too. 

Organic Chicken – 
Pollame Organico
Mary Ann is thinking globally but shopping locally – and organically — when she travels to the Concord, Cooperative Food Market in Concord, NH to learn about organic chicken. Then she goes nella cucinato prepare Napoleon’s favorite recipe; Chicken Marengo. Then she makes a hearty, rice, cheese and pepper filled Chicken Pot Pie with Vegetables. Who needs a crust? Not this beauty. 

– Squid
Chef Paul Delios invites Mary Ann to his house for a seafood party. Paul creates his signature Deep Fried Buttermilk Calimari with a spicy-sweet and kinda’ hot pepper sauce. Mary Ann matches him with her spectacular Seafood Sundae, a Margarita salt-rimmed martini glass chocked full of shrimp, calamari, crabmeat and topped off with a piquant seafood sauce. 

Cooking Live with Roberto Donna

Chef Roberto Donna joins Mary Ann on stage for a cooking demonstration before a live audience of hungry fans. Mary Ann prepares her favoriteSicilian street food; hot and hearty, rice and meat filled, deep fried Arancine (Little Oranges). While she works away, Roberto works up his favorite street food which is crispy, Ricotta-Filled Deep Fried Calzones. What a lucky audience. They get to taste it. 

Glorious Shrimp – 
Gamberi Gloriosi
Seafood Celebrity Chef Jasper White turns a simple shrimp cocktail into a taste sensation. His secret? Marinate the cooked shrimp in the cooking water and you get Retro Shrimp. Serve it with a seafood sauce spiked with fresh horseradish and you’re in heaven. Mary Ann takes that same shrimp and heads off in a different delicious direction by preparing spicy hot and hearty Guy’s Shrimp and Tomato Basil Pasta Dish. 

Happy Birthday – 
Buon Compleanno
Every day is somebody’s birthday, so Mary Ann and Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank J. Williams create two of their favorite birthday cakes. Frank prepares his Bitter Chocolate Cake flavored with amaretto cookies and Mary Ann makes her hometown favorite; Mom’s Sponge Cake. Many happy returns! 

Almond Cakes – 
Biscotti di Mandorle
Cusine at Home Magazine Senior Editor Sue Hoss is one great baker. Especially cookies. She travels from Iowa to show Mary Ann how easy it is to make her crunchy, spicy Dutch Almond Thins. Mary Ann returns the favor by making Thin Almond Macaroons. You can never make too many cookies. Not ever.  

Escarole Rules! – 
Scarola Governa!
Mary Ann tours the University of New Hampshire’s breathtakingly beautiful Organic Garden Club with Cormac Griffin who helps her harvest a special crop of organic escarole grown just for Ciao Italia. Then it’s off to the kitchen to create sumptuousEscarole and Ricotta Calzones, Stuffed Escarole, and finishing off with a palate cleansing crunchyEscarole Salad. 

Polenta Party – 
Festa di Polenta
Mary Ann dreams up with two soothing recipes for that day in your life when comfort food will comfort you like nothing else. Her Layered Cornmeal Pie with Mushrooms and Sausage is a hearty, woodsy treat. Her Polenta and Vegetable Casserole is a perfect pick for that vegetarian craving you get and don’t know how to satisfy. Light the candles and snuggle up. It’s Polenta time. 

Sicilian Meatballs – 
Purpeti Sicilianii
Good cooking runs in the family when Daughter-in-Law Jennifer Chase Esposito invites Mary Ann to her condo to make meatballs. But not just any meatballs. Jennifer’s Cheesy Meatballs are oozing Fontina cheese and Mary Ann’s Sicilian Meatballs are topped with a tangy tomato sauce. And the secret to both recipes is baking not frying to get that perfect taste. 

A Gift of Risotto – 
Un Regalo di  Risotto
Mary Ann celebrates 12 year-old Ryan Andre’s birthday by inviting him into her kitchen where they prepare his favorite food: risotto, the royal member of the rice family. Ryan knows his way around the kitchen and helps Mary Ann every step of the way as they prepare a garden freshAsparagus Risotto, and then an aromatic Tomato and Wine Risotto. Happy Birthday, Ryan! 

Gourmet Meat Dishes – 
Carne di Buongustaio
Mary Ann meets up with her favorite butcher who brings her two cuts of meat for two fabulous recipes  that are guaranteed to please the most demanding eaters. She starts by making thick and crunchy Pistachio Dusted Pork Chops the follows it with a Sunday favorite: Stuffed Flank Steak with Olives and Cheese. Dinner is served! 

Kiwi – Kiwi Delizioso
This fuzzy little fruit with the green insides will capture your taste buds when you watch Mary Ann create her signature Puffy Meringues w/Kiwi Filling dessert. Then it’s on to a luscious, fresh fruit medley called  Macedonia. And for your sweet tooth, some Kiwi Sauce on the side to top your favorite ice cream. Here, kiwi, kiwi, kiwi. 

Dinner is Ready – La Cena é Pronta
Who says dinner has to take all day to prepare? Not Mary Ann when she shows you how to make a complete meal in less than twenty minutes by creating Scallops with Oven Roasted Vegetables. From sauté pan to dinner table it’s a quick and easy meal that will taste like it took all day. Psssst… Don’t tell anybody it didn’t. 

Cooking Live with Sal Scognamillo

Famous chef/owner of Patsy’s Restaurant in New York CIty joins Mary Ann on stage to create two mouthwatering desserts for a live audience that can’t wait to taste them. Mary Ann makes an unforgettable Panettone Bread Pudding and Salwraps things up with his famous ricotta cheese filled Zeppoles. Your sweet tooth will be aching in a wonderful way. 

Healthy Salads 
– Insalate Sane
Mary Ann’s in a salad celebration mood when she travels to Guy’s garden, basket in hand. Minutes later she’s heading for the kitchen to prepare a crunchy, marinated Tri Color Cauliflower Salad,  a anise-flavored Fennel, Carrot, Apple and Parmesan Cheese Salad, and then she ends the party with a tart, Mixed Greens with Citrus Salad. Bring your appetite, and don’t forget your fork. 

Fresh Puddings – 
Buddini Freschi
Mary Ann takes a simple dessert like Banana Pudding and transforms it into a luxurious, mouthwatering, silky smooth Buddino that takes minutes to prepare but tastes like it took forever. She finishes off her cool dessert magic by doing the same thing with Ricotta Pudding. It’s okay to drool. 

Linguine with Clams, Two Ways
 – Linguine al Vongole, due Maniere
Nothing says “Pasta” like pasta. But instead of going the meatball route, why not check out Mary Ann does with clams. Her creamy-rich Spaghetti and Clams with Whole Wheat Pasta in White Sauce is a sensation. So is her spicy hot, Clams in Red Sauce. These mighty mollusks belong in your kitchen, on your plate and in your stomach. 

Antipasti Party
 Festa di Antipasti
Providence Rhode Island Mayor David Cicilline invites Mary Ann to march in the Columbus Day Parade, but there’s a hitch: he’s hosting a party afterward and needs help. They head for his kitchen and swing into action to create Stuffed Pepper Boats, Prosciutto and Arugola Pizza, Tuna and Chickpea Salad, and Fontina and Mortadella Panin just in timei for the hungry parade goers who stop by afterward. 

Quick Tarts – Le Torte Rapide
Searching for great party recipe with no time to spare?  The secret is pre-planning and puff pastry. Mary Ann uses both to create a luscious Tomato Herb Tart. Then she whips up an eye-appealingStained Glass Tomato Tart that will rival the one in Notre Dame Cathedral, with one exception. You can eat this one.  

– Tiramisu di Moda
Mary Ann takes the all-time favorite Italian dessert and put a sweet twist on it by adding Bing cherries to make Cherry Tiramisu. No store-bought ladyfingers for this dessert. Mary Ann shows you how easy it is to prepare your very own Savoiardi for a classic recipe with a yummy twist. 

Bread and Cheese Casseroles
 – Timballi di Pane e Formaggio
Mary Ann takes her time to prepare two hearty, cheese-filled casseroles that will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. Her Bread and Cheese Casserole marries Asiago, Swiss and Fontina cheeses with tomatoes in a slow baked masterpiece. Her Scamorza Cheese Casserole is simplicity itself but a complex wonder to eat. Sit back and relax. You’re having casseroles tonight. 

Peaches n’ Cream – Pesche e Panna
Here’s a peach of an idea; Mary Ann creates three great recipes featuring luscious peaches, starting with her classic Peaches and Cream with white peaches and amaretti cookies. Then Iced Peaches to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. Then she finishes with her famous Stuffed peaches with Amaretti Cookies. A perfect after dinner dessert when company comes or it’s just you. 

Cooking Live with Brandon Boudet

It’s springtime, and what better way to celebrate all things new than by cooking two great dishes featuring this thorny veggie with a heart of gold on stage before a live audience. Mary Ann prepares a Sicilian Artichoke and Cheese Casserole, whileCalifornia celebrity chef Brandon Boudet warms up things with his Deep-Fried Shrimp and Artichokes with Mint, Capers and Lemon. In a word: yum.



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I watched an episode today of Mary Ann in Barilla cooking school. She made an Almond Snake Cake. She said we could find the recipe on her website. I cannot find it. Can you help Thank You.

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