Asparagus in Butter Sauce

So easy, you don’t need a recipe. Just watch Mary Ann!

This recipe was featured on Season 3 - Episode 306.

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I loved this asparagus. The only change I made was that I cut the butter in half and I had some fresh oregano that I added as the stalks were cooking. I ate the entire pound all at once. Deliciouso!!

jim deCristoforo

this asparagus recipe looks good, however, I like sauteing the asparagus in a non-stick pan..
shrizzle ex. virgin olive oil over the aparagus,
and saute on low-med heat.. after 5-6 minutes, add thin slices of two garlic cloves.. continue to saute until garlic is browned, and asparagus is cooked to your desired liking…. it is outstanding…!!

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