Francesca's New England Style Clam Chowder


  • Chopped sea clams any kind, keep all the juice
  • Salt & pepper
  • White wine
  • Garlic (minced)
  • Onion (chopped) all purpose
  • Butter
  • Whole milk
  • Potatoes: boiled, peeled, chopped. (I like Maine potatoes).
  • Family spice blend: these are whole spices that are ground in small food processor to produce the mix
  • Dry onion, garlic powder, parsley, rosemary, celery seed, thyme, coriander, bay leaves & pepper


  1. Put butter & onion is stock pot-sweat onions, add salt & pepper & garlic & wine
  2. Add spice blend & potatoes, heat stirring until potatoes are coated
  3. Add clams & all juice, stir keep heating
  4. Add milk and keep heating on medium heat until it reaches 140 + degrees
  5. Taste for salt & pepper or maybe even more family spice blend-depends on what you like
  6. This chowder actually tastes best the next day.

This recipe was featured on Season 28 - Episode 2804.

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Giovanna Brackens

Cant wait..saw the show.. looks delicious

m durham

Ditto, will be making this soon..

Lisa Mello

Waiting patiently.

Nancy Everett

I’d also like the seafood stew recipe!

Mark Link

Chowduh please

Benjamin Kulp

Really looking forward to getting the recipe for this clam chowder! Thank you!

Mark Link

Been waiting, is this recipe still a possibility

Sylvia 🦋💜🦋

This is so delicious and not at all difficult to make. This is my fifth time making it. And yes…it’s even better the next day!!

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