Gary's Mussels and Aioli Sauces


  1. Rinse your Bangs Island Mussels in cold running tap water to refresh them and wash away any debris.
  2. It's always a good idea to quickly inspect the mussels cracked or recently deceased ones.
  3. If the shell halves are gaping open, gently tap on counter. If they close they are good. If they stay open, toss them out. One can of beer is more than enough fluid to steam your mussels in.
  4. I like a mild cheap pilsner, but any brand will work.
  5. Simply place the sorted mussels in a pot with the beer, cover and steam until the mussels are clearly opened. Then cook a bit more.
  6. Leave in pot off the heat, when done and cool long enough to handle.
  7. The texture of the cooked mussels should be tender like a good tenderloin steak, not raw and gelatin like a raw oyster.
  8. Pick the mussels out of their shells and keep in fridge, well sealed until ready to use. Serve them with toothpicks and seasoned aioli for dipping. Great to toss into salads, pastas, risottos and soups. Enjoy

This recipe was featured on Season 29 - Episode 2908.

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Helen Lynch

I would love to know how Gary made the other two aioli sauces.

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