A Carpaccio of Sea Scallops with Fennel Slaw

June 20, 2023

Sometimes what Italian cooks do with their beautiful raw ingredients just leaves me speechless. And speechless I was when I ate a carpaccio of scallops on a bed of fennel slaw. In a word, it was elegante! Carpaccio usually refers to paper thin slices of raw beef served with good extra virgin olive oil and herbs but  in this case, it became a clever way to serve scallops! As I savored every bite, I committed to memory and to my trusty notebook the flavors that I was encountering and vowed to make this dish straightaway when I got home. And while our scallops are different from those in Italy, the overriding factor in making this a successful dish is to be sure and use large, dry, and very fresh scallops.

Get my recipe here.

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