Raising the Salad Bar

February 23, 2010

Recently I read this report put out by the Consumers Union which publishes Consumers Report, about bacteria in washed and bagged ready to eat salad greens. And even though the bacteria did not pose a health risk this time as spinach did a year ago, it makes good sense to pay attention to what you are buying in the produce department.

It is far better in my opinion to buy fresh, loose heads of lettuce which are replaced more frequently and wash them at home instead of purchasing “prewashed” or “triple washed” bagged greens. If you do purchase the bagged varieties, wash them again. Look at the sell by date on the bag too and purchase those that are at least six days from that date.

We need to be wise consumer advocates about the foods we purchase. There is no better way to do that then to call on Congress to raise the bar and pass food safety reform to protect the consumer.

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