Supermarket Stretch

June 29, 2022

Consumers are well aware of how much groceries are costing these days, making it even more important to stretch those food dollars. This calls for ingenuity, so after purchasing a 1-1/4 pounds pork tenderloin that I would normally oven roast or grill to serve 4, I decided that I could easily get more servings out of it by cutting the meat crosswise into ½- inch thick slices and pounding them flat for pork cutlets. Thinking this out, I had options!

Besides the cutlet idea, I could stuff them with spinach and cheese and pan fry them. If I cut the meat into thin strips, I could have a nifty stir fry by adding any number of vegetables that would make the meat stretch even further. Any of these options would get me twice the yield from one pork tenderloin. That’s a bargain.

Get the recipe for crunchy pork cutlets here.

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