Tomato Heaven

August 9, 2022

red beefsteak tomatoes stuffed with wild rice

Tremendous! That is how most gardeners would describe their homegrown tomato crop.

This seemingly unending heat has been so good for tomatoes and truth be told, I am just about out of ideas on how to utilize them! Yes, yes, we have made sauce, ketchup, soup, dried some and soaked them in olive oil, made tomato juice, tomato pie, tomato tarts, fried them, wedged them between slices of bread for BLTs, and stuffed them.

I know I should not complain because come the end of summer, they will be gone!! I did go overboard with planting too many varieties including plum, cherry, beefsteak, and heirlooms. My neighbors have been the recipients of the overflow harvest, and the local food pantry too. That makes it all worthwhile. And it challenges me to come up with new ways to cook with them like these stuffed and baked tomatoes filled with farro, cheese, onion, spices, and fresh herbs.

Get my recipe for Stuffed Tomatoes with Wild Rice here.

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