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Tips for Moister Meatballs

Are your meatballs just so so tasting? Here are some ways you can enhance their flavor and tips for cooking them.

1) use ground chuck in combination with ground pork in a ratio of 1 to 1 for best flavor. Using sirloin will result in drier tasting meatballs.

2) use fresh bread crumbs not flavored and dried ones from a box. Moisten them with milk or water and let them stand until they absorb all the liquid.

3) beat the eggs separately before adding them to your meat mixture so it combines better.

4) adding a small amount of cottage or ricotta cheese also makes a meatball with a tender texture

5) Form meatballs using your hands first dipped in water to prevent the meat mixture from sticking to your hands

6) If you prefer to bake instead of fry them, chill the meatballs for at least an hour before baking. They will hold their shape better.

7) If you are adding garlic and onion to your meat mixture, mince it together first with a little salt, then add to the meat and combine well.

8) For frying, use a light olive oil and just use a light film of oil in the pan; do not deep fry or they will be heavy tasting.



  1. Annette Guido's avatar

    Annette Guido

    I use beef'pork and veal. I also wet bread,crusts removed, soaked in milk. I add garlic,onion,s&p, mint,parsley and pecorino romanno grated fresh. I mix lightly then rest while i fry my meat. I also wet my hands w/water before lighly rolling. I bake in oven with olive oil until brown. After cooking sauce for 2 hours i add my meatballs for last 1/2 hour.I let it sit covered another 1/2 hour to meld together. That's it! Bellissimo :)
  2. Daisy Sarno's avatar

    Daisy Sarno

    Here is my meatball recipe which I've given to numerous friends and family.

    1 lb. ground steak tails ground ONCE

    2 large eggs

    1 tsp. salt

    1 1/2 tbs. finely chopped fresh parsley

    2 average-size cloves of garlic, very finely chopped

    4 rounded tbs. grated Locatelli Romano cheese

    4 rounded tbs. grated Italian bread crumbs

    ground black pepper to taste

    water for desired consistency, depending on dryness of the meat.

    Let sit 5 minutes for crumbs to absorb moisture. Makes 8-9 meatballs.

    Peanut oil for frying and to coat palms of hands when forming meatballs.

    I buy aged steak tails from a private butcher.

    Never bake the meatballs. Baking changes the flavor completely.
  3. Julie's avatar


    I use either an ice cream scoop or a cookie scoop (depending on the size of meatball i want) to make sure the size is uniform.

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