Pork Loin in Barolo Wine / Brasato al Barolo

Barolo is one of the classic red wines of the Piedmont region of Italy and is made near the town of Alba. It is wonderful with cheese and even barbecue and it flavors this pork loin beautifully. Pour yourself a glass while the meat is cooking.



  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary leaves
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons fine sea salt 
  • 1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
  • 5-pound boneless pork loin roast
  • 2 cups Barolo wine
  • 1/2 cup tomato pastE
  • Ingredients


  1. Mince the garlic and rosemary together. Place the mixture in a small bowl and add salt and pepper. Rub the mixture all over the pork roast.
  2. Place a Dutch oven type pan (See NOTE below.) just large enough to hold the meat, over medium-high heat. When the pan is hot, add the roast and let it brown in its own fat. Lower the heat to simmer, pour in 1 cup of the wine, cover and cook until most of the wine has evaporated. Turn the meat once or twice halfway through the cooking process.
  3. Combine the tomato paste with the remaining wine and add it to the pot. Cover and simmer about 1 1/2 hours, until the meat thermometer registers 155-160, and  meat is tender. 
  4. Transfer the meat to a cutting board; allow it to rest, covered loosely by aluminum foil, for 10 minutes before slicing. Cut the roast into 1/4-inch slices.  Return the slices to the pot and reheat; serve with some of the pan juices.
  5. Note:  This roast may also be made in a slow cooker.  After browning the roast, set the cooker on LOW, put in the roast and leave it cooking for 8 hours.  Add the rest of the wine and the tomato paste after 1 1/2 hours have elapsed.
  6. PLEASE NOTE:  We used an All Clad slow cooker with a cast iron insert, specifically designed to allow for browning/searing of the meat before the slow cooking starts.  Do not use this method with crockery inserts; they will crack if subjected to direct heat on the cook top.

This recipe was featured on Season 20 - Episode 2004.

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Your slow cooker looks like my, but the insert isn’t stove top safe. Would a 12″ cast iron skillet do for browny?


Hello; I wanted to know what size and brand the slow cooker is you use for the pork barolo recipe. Thank you for your help! (PLEASE)

Natalie B

tried the recipe based on the show oven instructions which indicated 5 hours between 250 and 300F. used the oven set at 250F and the roast was at 200F after 4 hours. turned out dry but the sauce was great. would try again but for 2 to 3 hours.

Paul Lally, Executive producer

Natalie, as you know, the cooking principles of a slow cooker are much different than an oven. Five hours for a slow cooker, but much more quickly in the oven.

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant with your meat thermometer. When it reaches 155-160, the roast is done, no matter how long or short it’s been cooking.

Good luck next time, it’s a great-tasting recipe!


I have the same slow cooker. It is an All Clad and it is only sold at William Sonoma stores. It is pricy, but I really like it.

Ana A Seez

I would like to make a pork loin in Barolo wine but for 16 persons it will be too much for me.
Would you give me the amount of pork loin and cooking time for 8 persons… I want to be sure about the cooking time. Thank you very much.

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