A Kale Salad That Can't Be Beet

August 5, 2016

Kale and beets have prominent spots in my garden and right now, it is time to harvest them. When I do, I start conjuring up how I will use them in new ways. That’s when I thought about combining the two into a salad full of healthy benefits.

I got to work; first I cooked the beets and peeled and sliced them into rounds. Next I shredded kale and set this powerhouse couple aside while I made a dressing. I minced up one shallot and added it to a glass dish with ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil. Scouring the pantry, I spotted the maple syrup so I added ¼ cup of that to the olive oil along with the juice of one lemon and a heaping tablespoon of spicy mustard. I seasoned the dressing with salt and pepper and added the beets and kale and tossed everything.

Still, I felt it sill needed something else. I went to the pantry again for inspiration and it came in the form of a bag of walnuts. That did it. The salad was sweet and sour at the same time with a crunch provided by the nuts. The kale played off nicely with the sweet taste of the beets and serving this salad got raves!

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