Always A Cook, Never A Guest

September 14, 2010

I don’t know what it is about being a chef, but to tell you the truth, I rarely get invited to friends houses for dinner. They all feel intimidated. They wouldn’t dare cook for me, they say. Why? Come on! I like hamburgers and cole slaw just like the rest of the world. I really am an ordinary, everyday cook, I just like cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and I like to keep the flavors pure. It is the integrity of the food not the gimmicks on the plate that are the true test of good cooking.

That’s why whenever I am on the road doing demos for the public, I make it a point to bring someone up from the audience to help me so I can prove that what I am doing is doable by anyone who wants to cook better.

I hope some day the phone will ring and one of my friends will have the courage to say, “Want to come for dinner?”

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