Choosing a Pumpkin

October 19, 2009

Beginning in late September and continuing into November, the landscape is dotted with bright orange pumpkins of every size. It just would not be fall without them decorating porch steps and doorways, carved into every configuration for Halloween.

For me, it is not the size or shape of the pumpkin that keeps me scrutinizing the pumpkin patch or the truckloads at the grocery store. No, what keeps me from making a critical decision about which pumpkin to choose is the stem. It has to be just right.

That means a long stem that curves gracefully, not a short stubby one with no charm or character. And it must be like new wood, looking freshly carved, not dried out. You’d be surprised how an artful stem can elicit interest family and friends. Comments like, “Where did you find THAT pumpkin?” bring a smile to my face.

Oh, yes, there are more important decisions to be made each day. That’s for sure. But even Charlie Brown knew a great pumpkin when he saw one.

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