Choosing and Buying Seeds for your Garden

April 11, 2011

“The Vegetable Garden Doctor” is In!

“The Vegetable Garden Doctor” is a series of web videos that will help you become a successful first-time gardener and a better experienced gardener, too. Episode two deals with choosing and buying seeds for your garden.

As Guy says, “In the past few years tens of millions of Americans grew vegetables and other edible plants for the first time, and when you taste the difference in what you grow yourself and what you can buy it is no surprise.”

Seed Catalog

Guy will lead you through choosing veggies for a starters garden, and much more. Tomatoes, string beans, cucumbers, carrots, you name it, you can grow it (okay, maybe not coconuts).

Here’s a link to Vegetable Garden Doctor webisode #2.

Missed last weeks webisode? Never fear, it’s right here.

Almost ready to plant that garden? Stay tuned to my blog for updates about new episodes of “The Vegetable Garden Doctor.”

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