Clean Sweep

January 7, 2022

One of my eternal holiday resolutions is a clean sweep of the refrigerator right after the holidays. I am sure you have found surprises in the deep crevices of yours as well. I don’t like throwing food away but if something looks iffy, moldy or smells off, I toss it.

I did manage to salvage three staring to wrinkle small zucchini. I cut them in half-moons and sauteed them with half an onion and some minced garlic. I found 4  baby Yukon Gold potatoes starting to get “eyes” and decided to saute them and then splash them with some white wine vinegar. I added a few hot red pepper flakes and combined the potatoes with the zucchini and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Simple and delicious. Sometimes a clean sweep is a just reward. Happy New Year!

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