Cooking With Wine Tips

March 7, 2014

What do you do with those open bottle of wine left in your refrigerator? Air is the enemy of wine so it is best to use an aerater to remove as much air as possible. These are available in kitchenware and wine shops. Here are 10 ways to use leftover wine.

Use white wine for poaching fruits like pears and peaches

Add red wine to your simmering tomato sauce

Use either red or white wine in stir fry

Make a sauce for pork chops or chicken using white wine, butter, onions and seasonings

Use red or white wine to make risotto or other rice dishes

Add red wine to cherry pie filling

Make a sauce for linguine with clams with white wine

Use red or white wine in your salad dressing

Add about 1/4 cup white wine when making baked apples

Add red or white wine to your favorite biscotti or taralli recipe.

Great recipes using wine at

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