June 9, 2008

Last week a friend of mine who knows that I love to bake, brought me a dozen of very fresh eggs.

As some of you may know, supermarket eggs remain on the shelf a lot longer than they should, so when someone brings me eggs right off the farm, I’m like a kid with a new toy.

I started ruminating about what to make with them, a pound cake, muffins, cookies . . . The mental list was endless. But I calmed myself and decided that I would snitch one of those precious twelve to make myself a poached egg on toast, one of my favorite breakfast treats.

I never use fancy egg poachers, just a small sauce pan with barely simmering water is fine with me.

The egg was almost pale blue in color and I could have kicked myself for not asking what kind of hen laid it, but my friend is very secretive about where he gets the eggs so it probably wouldn’t have done any good. After all, there are only so many opportunities for him to get fresh eggs that I think he thinks I will beat him to the punch and buy them all for myself!

Anyway, I cracked that egg into a small bowl and gently lowered it into the water. I like my poached egg really runny so I watched it for about two and a half minutes – just judging its doneness by eyesight, no timer – and then scooped it out and placed it on top of a slice of toasted, homemade, pumpernickel bread with caraway seeds that I had made a few days before.

I salted the top of the egg and cut into its snowy white cover. Out oozed an almost-too-orange yolk that spilled beautifully all over the bread and I ate it with gusto thinking all the while, “I only have eleven eggs left!”

Have any favorite egg recipes to share?

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