End of the Season

October 1, 2009

I left the last of the tomatoes on the withering vines, hoping that mother nature would give us warm October days. I want to stretch my garden to last as long as I can before I have to give in to the grocery store.

I still have carrots and Swiss chard, waiting to be harvested. And my radicchio now makes up the bulk of the salads that I make these days. Soon we will clean the garden for its winter rest. One of the things to do now is clean all your garden tools and planters.

Make a list of what worked well in the garden. I know our cantaloupe this year were just so-so in taste, but next year I’ll try another variety.

And here is my tip for what to plant in your garden next year; Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. They were my absolute favorite, sweeter than the Sweet One Hundreds.

I had so many varieties of tomatoes this year: Plum, Beefsteak, Early Girl, Brandywine — what did I do with all these tomatoes? I made roasted tomato sauce, stuffed tomatoes, tomato soup, cooked and raw tomato sauces. I dried them too to top Bruschetta, and also give as Christmas presents. And I shared a lot of my garden bounty with neighbors and friends. That is the best part of having a garden, don’t you think?

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