End Zone Calzones!

January 30, 2012

Well, sports fans, food fans, and TV commercial fans, it’s that time again… time for your Super Bowl party!

This is the day for family and friends to bond in a way that is like no other. It is Americana at its best. Loud shouting and gnoshing and guzzling beer will be the mode of the day. Dare I say the food will be predictable too with pizza topping the list followed by foot long subs, Buffalo wings and dips and chips.

But why be so conventional on a day when our hero football players take up the ball  and carry on where the Roman gladiators left off, thrilling us with punts, passes and prayers. We need something hearty to sustain us through all the Hail Mary passes, outrageous penalties and time outs. We need end zone calzones.

They are perfect for watching the game because not only are they super delicious, they need only a napkin, no utensils or plates.  And the best thing about making them is that you can get the tasty pork butt filling ready two days ahead of time and refrigerate it. The dough is a cinch to make and while everyone is waiting patiently for the first touchdown of the game, you can wrangle everyone into making their own calzone with a small ball of the dough and a little of the filling. So have fun this Super Bowl Sunday and if your team does not win at least you will have treated everyone to this winner: the end zone calzone

Get the recipe right here!

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