Good Memories

April 30, 2010

Enjoying the foods of Italy is one of the great pleasures of travel, and it pays to do your research so you don’t wind up eating in those touristy places that are not representative of what regional Italian food is all about.

That’s why for years I have valued the advice of the Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo (The Association of Restaurants of Good Remembrance). This association of over 120 selected Italian restaurants throughout the world has as its goal preserving and presenting the authentic foods of Italy.

So, when I am traveling and want to enjoy a specialita’ della casa or a featured special, I look for a buon ricordo restaurant. Order the special of the house, and it will be served on a hand painted, ceramic Vietri dinner plate that has the name of the restaurant and a depiction of the dish you are enjoying. This is a tradition that has been in practice for centuries. Not only that, but when you leave a buon ricordo ristorante, you will receive the plate to take home!

I like to collect and display the plates on my kitchen wall. That way I am always reminded of the good time and good foods enjoyed while in Bella Italia.


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