Heavenly Whiskey Cake

February 22, 2022

This is a really big cake, the perfect party cake to serve a crowd.  It’s called a whiskey cake because the slices are lightly spritzed with it but it does not overpower the overall flavor. 

I won’t kid you. There’s a lot going on with this cake that starts out with making a basic sponge cake, to making a custard cream filling to whipping up clouds of fluffy meringue to cover the whole cake and pop it under the broiler for the finishing dramatic touch!  But there is way to make the cake in stages.  3 days is all you need.  One to make it, one to make and chill the filling and one to assemble, bake and chill it before serving.  Before you delete this recipe, read on because this is one eye popping cake that you don’t want to send to the round file. 

When this cake emerges from the oven enveloped in curly clouds of meringue tinged with golden edges like a work of art, the applause will be deafening and whistles and kudos will be your reward, not to mention that the first forkful will convince you that you may well be in heaven for it is so light and full of delicate and ethereal flavors that marry so well together, that it will seem to lift you off your feet. You could easily manage to eat two pieces; it is that light and heavenly.  

Get the recipe here.

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