HomemadeTomato Basil Sauce: Seeing Red In Winter

December 11, 2009

Winter officially arrives on December 21st, and with it cold, snowy days, the kind of days that make people want to stay in the kitchen and cook up some homey comfort food like spaghetti and meatballs.

It seems anyone who makes this dish has a particular recipe for meatballs. What surprises me is how many people are content to plunge those meatballs into jarred tomato sauce!

Nothing is easier to make than a simple meatless tomato sauce, and this time of year, you need only reach for a good brand of canned plum tomatoes to get started.

In less time than it would take for you to drive to the grocery store and back, homemade sauce can be on your stovetop. And with the holidays a mere sneeze away, having a batch of tomato sauce can help you create all kinds of meals for hungry family and guests.

Use this recipe for simple tomato basil sauce.

Make a big batch so you have some left over to freeze for future use not only for spaghetti and meatballs but for pizza, pasta casseroles, calzones and any recipe calling for tomato sauce.

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