Introducing The Vegetable Garden Doctor!

April 5, 2011

“The Vegetable Garden Doctor” is a series of short, web videos that will help you become a successful first-time gardener and a better experienced gardener, too. Guy’s simple lessons and tips come from over 30 years of having a home vegetable garden that has provided so much great produce for Ciao Italia.

As Guy says, “The garden is a part of being Italian along with the cooking. You like to grow your own food; it can be very nurturing. Spending time in the garden is also very meditative. There’s a ‘letting go’ to the work that helps to purge your mind. It’s also about being self-sufficient and responsible. It’s also of course about the food, and you need to know now more than ever a good, safe source for the food you put on your table.”

Guy will lead you step by step through the satisfying experience of raising your own vegetables with the sweat of your brow and savoring the joy of harvesting something you’ve grown all by yourself.

Here’s a link to his first web episode: “Planning the Garden.

Spring is here, there’s a garden to plant, so stay tuned to my blog for the latest episodes of “The Vegetable Garden Doctor.”

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