It's a tradition: Christmas Bear Bread

December 7, 2009

Probably one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is make bread. To me, something very miraculous happens when flour, water and yeast come together as dough and then as bread or rolls or pizza and more.

At Christmastime I make a lot of yeasted breads, both sweet and savory but my most requested bread is for little bears made with a simple sweet dough.

Each one is shaped by hand, and when they are all baked,each has its own individual look and personality. I dress them up with holiday ribbons around their necks and cluster them together in a beautiful Christmas basket, and they are always part of my holiday table.

One year my mother was so intrigued with them that she made them for a dinner party to which she invited her parish priest. Each place setting had a bow bedecked bear. The guests loved them and thought them too pretty to eat so they took them home. The next day the parish priest called not to say how great the food was, but that he has forgotten his bear! The tradition lives on.

Get the recipe and watch the video here!

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