It's Seed Time

January 1, 2009

You know that it’s January by the slew of garden catalogues inundating your mailbox. My husband Guy, the head Ciao Italia gardener is like a kid highlighting things in catalogues that he wants to try.

On lazy, snowy Sunday mornings he can be found at the kitchen table sorting seed packets and penciling out a garden grid on yellow note paper. It is fun to watch the garden go from an idea in his head to being a tangible space with lots of lush plants.

His favorite catalogues are Seeds from Italy, Johnny’s, and Burpee’s. Most of what he plants is Italian so the “Seeds from Italy” Catalogue gets the most attention. My job is to think of varieties that I want to highlight for the series that one would find in Italy. And so, between the two of us, January quickly turns into June and we are with our hands in fresh dirt once again.

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