It’s Stew Season

September 29, 2022

As the weather turns chilly so do thoughts of changing what to cook. Slow cooked stews are a favorite; they can be made ahead and taste better a day later! All kinds of veggies can accompany a stew from the predictable carrots to parsnips and Brussels sprouts. Here are some tips to help yiuo create a perfectly flavored and tender stew.

1) Buy the right cut of meat; chuck roasts cut into cubes chunks is sold as stew meat. 

2) Be sure the meat chunks are all about the same size so the stew cooks uniformly

3) Before seasoning the meat, dry with paper towels

4) Season with salt, pepper and other spices you like and really rub them in.

5) Don’t brown cold meat; let it meat “warm” up about 30 minutes once removed from the refrigerator

6 Use a large saute pan so the meat is not crowded the pan, otherwise it will steam instead of brown and not give you that depth of flavor

7) Brown the pieces on all sides before adding the remaining ingredients

8 Stews are best slow cooked in a 325F oven or on simmer setting for a stovetop. If you have a low cooker, that is always an option

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