Kitchen Tips

March 15, 2013

Trial and error in the kitchen is how I compile a list of tips that I love
to share with fellow cooks. So here goes:

1) Best way to ripen a pineapple is to turn it upside down and leave it on
your counter for a few days.

2) Need to know when fish is cooked? One way is to wait until it flakes,
but stick a butter knife in the center and pull it out; touch it with your
finger and if the knife is cold, fish is not done.

3) Want a nice clear looking chicken broth? Use wings to make the soup, then
refrigerate overnight; the fat will come to the top. Remove it with a
slotted spoon.

4) Nuts that have gone soft can regain their crunch if you put them on a
baking sheet and roast them at 250F for about 10 minutes.

5) Hard to dry those grooved bundt pans and cupcake pans? Put them in the
oven after washing and the residual heat from what you just baked will dry
them perfecty.

6) Celery wil stay fresh and crispy if you take it out of its plastic
wrapper and wrap it in aluminum foil.

7) Don’t throw away those outer leaves from lettuce, escarole and other
leafy greens. Shred them and use in frittatas and casseroles.

8) Recipe calling for room temp eggs and yours are still in the frig; no
problem. Place the cold eggs in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.

9) Keep onions in the refrigerator; you will cry less cutting a cold onion
than a room temperature one.

10) Need to separate whites from yolks? Crack the egg into a bowl; use an
empty plastic water bowl and place the opening of the bottle gently over the
yolk but not touching it. Squeeze the bottle and the yolk will lift into the
bottle leaving a perfectly untouched egg white.

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