Lettuce Give Thanks

LettuceI picked the first of the lettuces this week and they are gorgeous bouquets of green goodness. It's such a relief not to have to by lettuce in the grocery store for the next few months.

The radishes are ready too; bright red, plump and crisp. I've been adding sorrel leaves to the salad bowl each night an the lemony flavor is a wonderful addition. Sorrel is an herb and comes back more vigorous each year. It looks like spinach, only with larger leaves. You can pick it way into the fall season and it's one of the first things to appear in the spring.

The berry patch has been more frustrating because even with an electric fence and green netting to keep out the chipmunks and birds, they're still getting in! And for all of our efforts we probably have had a maybe a quart of un-munched upon berries!

You can start a second crop of broccoli rape and beans in the ground, but start s second crop of lettuce in a cool shaded place in the garden and water it every day.


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