Lettuce...Not Just for Salads

May 8, 2017

Ok, I am going to admit that I am a lettuce snob. I can’t help it; we grow so many kinds that anything else is just no acceptable. Right now, I am inundated with all kinds of lettuce from Freckles, to Romaine to Oak Leaf, Quattro Stagione and many others. I do not grow iceberg and truth be told, the greener lettuce is, the more nutritious it is, so if you have looked at iceberg lettuce lately, it just does not measure up. A fresh, crisp salad is a staple for dinner and I serve it after the main course, as do the Italians and the French.

We grow an abundance of lettuce in the Ciao Italia garden, so I give a lot of lettuce away but I have also come up with ways to use it other than in a salad. Here are ten suggestions:

1 Shred it to top your favorite taco

2 Chop and add it to soup

3 Use the leaves as a wrap instead of bread for sandwich fillings

4 Mince it to use in stuffing for vegetables

5 Mince and add to your meatball mixture

6 Use it in your next stir fry

7 Grill wedges of Romaine and serve with crumbled goat or feta cheese

8 Use as lettuce cups for minced ham or chicken or macaroni salad

9 Zap it into your next smoothie

10 Just munch it as a snack and enjoy the crunch

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