Life is a Bowl of Cherries

July 1, 2011

July means many things to many people. The 4th of July tops the list in my book, followed by cherry season.

The minute I spot Bing and Queen Anne cherries in the grocery store I know that the short cherry season is here. I never met a cherry that I did not like. So I load up and fill glass bowls full of them and stash in the refrigerator. For me, cherries must be ice cold and have a crunch when you bite into them.

When I eat them, I am transported to Lockport, New York, close to where I grew up. Mom and Dad would pile us all into the big blue station wagon and off we would go to spend the day high in the tree branches filling bushels with cherries. We picked them for relatives and friends. We canned a lot of them but most of all we sat on the back porch munching away and having cherry wars with the pits.

When you are a kid, life is a bowl of cherries.

For tons of ideas on what to do with cherries, check out these recipes!

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