Lime Time

July 13, 2015

Ten Things to do with a bag of limes

1) The juice and zest are great in a dough for butter cookies instead of vanilla extract

2) Marinate chicken and fish in lime juice with chopped garlic, parsley, onion and red pepper flakes

3) Mix the juice with chopped mint and honey and toss it over cantaloupe balls for a refreshing fruit salad

4) Squirt it into sparkling water for a cool and low calorie drink

5) Add the juice and zest to your favorite salad dressing

6) Add the juice of a lime to your favorite blueberry smoothie

7) Make lime butter to smear over steamed corn

8) Use the rinds to run through your disposal to give it a fresh smell

9) Use the juice to toss apple and avocado slices from turing brown

10) Make a key lime pie

Bonus: wipe away garlic smells on your hands and your knives by rubbing a cut lime over them and to get more juice out of a lime you just took out of the frig? Poke a few holes in it and place in microwave for 10 seconds on high power.

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