Moving forward in the 21st century: Welcome to my blog

January 29, 2008

Hi everyone! I’ve thought and thought about the day I could finally type this to all of you, and the day’s finally here, so here goes:

Welcome to my blog!

The new Web site and all of its new trappings have been in the works for what feels like years, so I’m so thrilled to actually be using the site in a whole new way by periodically bringing you not only thoughts about the show and my appearances, and recipes, but also sharing some of my more daily thoughts about Italian food and food in general, and how they relate to our everyday lives.

When you enjoy food as much as I do, all aspects of it excite you: the meal planning, the shopping, the history behind dishes and their ingredients — everything. I imagine it’s like this with most people’s hobbies: you become entranced with it all. Lucky for me, food is both my hobby and my life. But it’s not just my television life. Food really is the way I communicate love to everyone around me. So this blog is of course going to be about Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito™ the show, but it’ll also reflect how food plays out in my mind and in society on a more daily level.

So welcome to this wonderful place known as my blog! I can’t promise I’ll write daily, but rest assured if I have some thoughts (and if you’re a longtime viewer or Friend of Ciao Italia, you know I usually do….), I’ll be sharing. Sometimes you may even hear from some of my trusted compatriots in food, like the culinary directors on the show, or even guest bloggers. Regardless of whose voice you hear, my greatest hope is that this space makes you feel a little closer to Ciao Italia™, and fills the void between episodes or your combing through the recipe box looking for healthful, tasteful, authentic dishes to prepare in your own kitchen.


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