Not So Terrific Tomatoes

October 1, 2008

I spoke too soon.

True, the last of the few tomatoes we had this year were beauties like the ones you see here. I had kept my eye on them all summer, gathering them when they were just the right hue of red and then raced to the kitchen to turn them into the best tomato sauce I have ever made.

But it was not a bumper tomato crop like we were expecting in August.

Not at all.

Looking back; a rainy, cool period in late summer put a large dent in the crop. It’s painful to think back on all the work we did planting those many plants, tending them, watching their blossoms turn to fruit, and then thinking about how good they would taste.

Drip.drip.drip. then watching as the rains came. And came. And came. And the tomato leaves began to show the shock of all that moisture with those telltale dots that spell fungus. As a result, the plants could only bring a few fruit to bear.

Admittedly, the harvest was not that great, but some years that’s what happens; you have your heart set on one thing and Mother Nature sends you something else.

Next year I hope she sends us tomatoes.

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