Plan, Pace and Don't Panic

March 24, 2020

Going to the grocery store? By now you know the drill: gloves, wipes, and sanitizer.

1) Go with a list and early in the day so you spend minimal time there. Go during the week not weekends.

2) Have several pairs of plastic disposable gloves at the ready, one to wipe down cart and throw away; next to wear as you handle groceries and pay; throw out gloves when leaving the store. Don’t use your own bags; use throw away paper bags from store; your bags reused over and over can harbor lots of germs.

3) Wipe down bags when you get home and don’t place on counter; place bags on floor. Wipe off canned goods, boxed goods and store.

4) Wash all fruits and vegetables in Dawn and hot water or hot water and white vinegar.

5) Don’t hoard-buy  food and paper goods. There is plenty to go around; we just need to realize that stocking shelves takes manpower and time when there is high demand.

6) We will get through this if we all cooperate.

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