Plant that Garden!

FoxI found a family of foxes living near the garden and it has been fun just observing their comings and goings. Thank goodness they don't eat veggies!

I just planted pole beans, carrots, both long and short stubby varieties, radishes, parsley, and beets. Tomatoes and other hot weather crops go in next.

My strawberry patch is showing signs of being a bumper crop, lots of green berries on bushy plants. I have been diligent about watering them. What to do in the garden: Now is the time to thin your lettuce seedlings to one inch apart, then two weeks later, harvest every other plant for early spring salads and repeat again in two more weeks.

Put down newspaper or tissue paper covered by straw -- not hay -- as mulch in all your garden paths to eliminate a lot of season long weeding. Keep all freshly planted seeds moist (water daily if necessary) until the seeds sprout.

Invest in a scuffle hoe or active hoe to keep ahead of the weeds. Keep a garden journal and record what varieties of plants do well.


  1. John Raffa's avatar

    John Raffa

    this is not a comment but rather a search for information. I felt this was as good a place as any to try it out. Hope you don't mind.
    Question: Can I grow garlic in south west Florida? Cape Coral is my home and we use tons of garlic but the store bought garlic here is lousy and many times, rotting inside!
    Hope you can help.
    Thank You, John Raffa

    REPLY: Yes you can plant it in Florida. Do it as late as November and you'll have a great crop.

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