Preserving Italian Parsley

July 28, 2021

Italian flat leaf parsley is one of the 4 evangelists of Italian cooking; the others being celery, carrots and onions. These are often the starting off point for soups, sauces, stews and stove top in padella cooking. Italian parsley is recognized by its flat, not curly leaves and is definitely more flavorful than the curly type. Right now, my garden is full of parsley and even though parsley is pretty much available all year long, I like to harvest and freeze it for future use. To do that, rinse and dry the parsley remove the tougher stems, (although I use the whole thing) and mince handfuls of parsley at a time and place about ½ -cupfuls in small pieces of Press N’Seal and twist the ends. Toss the packets into a large plastic bag and freeze. When needed it, take out a packet and add it frozen to whatever you are cooking.

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