February 1, 2010

All fall and winter we have been dutifully collecting kitchen scraps for our compost. This has significantly cut down on the amount of trash bags we have been using. Composting is a good habit to get into if you have a garden because all edible scraps can break down in a composter to become very valuable nutrients for your garden soil. Composted materials not only add richness but they help to loosen and aerate the soil allowing water to easily reach plant roots.

The seed catalogues have arrived and I am already planning the types of vegetables I want to grow for the Ciao Italia garden. The going green movement has really caught on and I see evidence of this at the farmers markets I have been going to. People want fresh and local foods. The demand is high and what can you get right now in the dead of winter from your local farmers market? Well, here in New England I have been buying Asian greens, lettuces, radishes, oyster and shitake mushrooms, potatoes, turnips, bok choy and onions. I urge you to support your local markets and do something good for your health.

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