Saving Tradition

June 1, 2021

They say that the art of making pasta a mano (by hand) is dying. The traditional work of women is becoming a thing of the past. Life moves on and gets busy and we forget. I am reluctant to let go of those old ways that connect me to my heritage. Call me old fashioned, there is just nothing like homemade pasta. Ironically, there is no recipe for it, just intuition and the will to make it. But I can offer some guidelines to get you started.

Pasta can be made with eggs and flour or with water and flour. I prefer to make pasta with eggs and I usually start by heaping 2 cups of flour on a wooden board and add a little salt. In the center of the flour heap, I crack three eggs and one egg yolk in the hole and mix everything with my hands until I have a ball of dough. Depending on the egg size, I may need more or less flour. Your hands will tell you when you have enough. The dough will need a little time to rest and relax the gluten so once kneaded and smooth, cover it with a bowl and let it sit on your work surface for a half hour. Roll out the dough by hand or use a pasta machine.

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