Shopping at the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

June 5, 2019

I just revisited my old friends at the Pennsylvania Macaroni Companyin Pittsburgh while I was there to do some cooking at WQED. The store has old world charm that has not changed since its inception (1902) and offers an Italian food experience that no big box type food store could ever give.

Rick Sunseri and his brother David, president, deliver the highest quality Italian food products could not have been more gracious and while I went shopping, lunch was prepared from their wide selection of artisan cheeses, salumi, marinated vegetables, olives and their fabulous breads. I felt like I had never been gone so long. Everything you could possibly need is here and the array of dried beans, legumes, rice, pasta, dried fruits, spices and so much more is a tempting feast for the eyes.

The staff is so helpful and they are like your most beloved family members with their attention to detail. This is what customer service is all about. If you can’t get there, no worries, you can shop online.

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