Sizzlin Seared Scallops

May 19, 2014

Sweet, velvety and local scallops are a real treat, especially when they are pan seared and to do it right. You need high heat and a big pan, not a non-stick pan because they will never brown or develop a crust. Be sure to buy dry scallops, not water injected which will never brown. When browning the scallops, do not crowd them in the pan or they will steam instead of brown.

Use a heavy duty stainless steel sauté pan and lightly spray it with oil. Season the scallops and add them in batches to the pan; leave them alone to develop a nice crust; you’ll know when to turn them when the edges brown; they flip and do the other side. Transfer them to a warm plate; lower heat in pan and add butter and lemon juice and allow to combine; throw in some parsley then return scallops to pan and coat well in the sauce.

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