Summer Tomatoes Going Once, Twice, Poof!

September 14, 2021

The light has changed. I call it Tuscan light and it tells me that the waning days of my vegetable garden garden are here. Such is the sad case with our tomato crop. The plum redorta type have given their all and only a few stragglers remain to tease me. The yellow cherry tomatoes have long passed and the piennolo del Vesuvio, my very favorite, is still clinging to the vine.

I am doing as much as I can with the last of the tomatoes, drying some, freezing some, using a lot in salads and sandwiches (I ate my fair share of BLT’s) and cooking them into tomato sauce. I made scores of tomato bruschetta too with gorgeous slices of country bread slathered with rich and creamy ricotta cheese seasoned with salt and coarse black pepper.

Sliced cherry tomatoes were tossed in olive oil, vinegar, salt, basil and parsley and heaped on top of the ricotta cheese. When everyone eats in silence, you know you are onto something. If only garden tomatoes could carry us through winter…how short a winter it would be. So grab them before they become just a memory!

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