Terrific Tomatoes

TomatoesWe have a bumper crop of tomatoes once again!

My favorites continue to be heirloom Brandywine, those big purplish pink beauties with a velvet texture, and Sweet One Hundred cherry tomatoes. In Italy, cherry tomatoes are called pomodorini and in the south where the temperatures are very warm, these little gems are strung on string and hung like a bunch of grapes to dry. They seem to last into winter. But lacking that kind of climate here, I just pop them from the vine into plastic bags and freeze for soups, stews and sauces.

One of my favorite recipes for cherry tomatoes is the Cherry Tomato, Leek and Rice Soup.

I know the pleasure of harvesting fresh vegetables from the garden will last a few more weeks until the dreaded first frost, so I am savoring everything and hoping for a long Indian Summer.

Hope you have one too.


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