Thrill of the Grill

June 29, 2020

The most useful piece of kitchen equipment during the dog days of high heat and humidity is my grill. No sense heating up the kitchen if you can do most everything you want to cook on a grill. I utilize this workhorse and a trusty old cast iron pan for not only barbeque but for grilling fresh fruits and vegetables like peaches, nectarines and tomatoes, peppers onions and corn.

Grill a pizza, make baked beans and even chocolate chip cookies. Fish cooks to perfection without sticking and the added bonus is delicate fish and seafood cooked in a cast iron pan is not going to fall through the grill grates!

For pizza, use your favorite recipe or recipe on www.ciaoitalia,com. When the dough has risen, spread it out in a greased cast iron pan and top with your favorite toppings. Put the pan on a preheated grill (600F) and in about 8 minutes, you will have a beautiful looking pizza. And the grill grate stays clean! Don’t you love summer!

Want to know my top tip?

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