Torrone...Don’t Call It Candy

December 21, 2012

Torrone is the go to sweet of Christmas for Italians. I always received a couple of boxes in my stocking when I was a kid. Don’t think of it as candy though because this nougat confection is much more than that.

Torrone was introduced into Sicily by the Arabs, who also brought sugar cane, spices and citrus for which Sicily is famous. Add to that the exceptional honey, creamy almonds and pistachio nuts from the town of Bronte and you have the makings of something that was once reserved for the royals of Italy.

Sicilian torrone is white with lots of nuts, flavored with lemon or orange and is soft in comparison to the torrone made in northern Italy, which is hard and which one could easily crack a tooth on! But it just would not be Christmas without it.

A few years ago, I visited Sciallo Brothers Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island, JUST in time to help a real expert make this delightful Christmas concoction. Watch it happen right here.

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