Trick or Treat

October 13, 2009

With Halloween just around the corner, stores are packed with costumes, masks of just about everything in the universe, special effects for making your home creepy for trick or treaters, and loads of candy.

And every Halloween, I carve the great pumpkin and get into the spirit of the night, waiting for the doorbell to ring right at dinner time. Funny thing is that in the last few years, I have noticed fewer ghosts and goblins showing up to claim their booty. At first I thought it was the health food we were handing out, like granola bars and small packages of dried cranberries. I didn’t want moms and dads to think we didn’t care about the sugar rush that most kids would get from all the loot they collected.

No, it must be the chilly nights that kept them away. But talking to friends in other neighborhoods, I got the same reaction.

Are kids just not interested in the spooky anymore? Are they more interested in playing video games than being driven around the block by their parents? Or texting their friends? And I can’t believe that with teenage vampires being the hottest (make that coldest) thing out there right now, that this year won’t be a banner year for Halloween. I’m optimistic.

So what will I give as a treat this year? I’ll be giving out Bones of the Dead, a wonderful cookie from Italy made especially for Halloween to commemorate the memory of those who have died.

Happy Halloween!

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