We're Ready!

May 1, 2009

We’re ready! The seedlings that Guy planted are under grow light in the Ciao Italia basement! The garden has undergone a soil test; a good thing to do to see what you need to add in the way of nutirients to enrich your soil. Where do you get a soil test? From your local county extension services or if you have a uniiversity near you, call the plant science department. They will walk you through the steps. And since we are all being more conscious these days of mother earth, get in the habit of composting.

Save organic material from your kitchen, vegetable peelings, and other food scraps and put them in a composter where over time they will break down and leave you with rich organic nutrients to till into the soil. This will aerate it and give your new seedlings a needed shot in the roots to produce healthy plants.

And while you are at it, there is nothing like rainwater for the garden, so keep a barrel nearby to collect those rainy day drops! I predict by May 31st, the garden will all be planted and we wait with great certainty that it will be a banner year for fresh veggies from the Ciao Italia garden!

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